Black Prairie Helice

Black Prairie Helice (pronounced hel-ees), is a USHA sanctioned field.  Helice is a shotgun sport that has been well established in Europe and is catching on stateside. When a target flies, it flutters and zings, accelerates and swoops off in unconsidered directions – just like a live bird. It’s the closest thing to live bird shooting you can experience. The targets, called ZZ birds, are composed of a round plastic “witness cap” affixed to a propeller. When struck by pellets, the witness cap separates from the propeller, signaling a scoring hit. On the target launcher, an oscillating motor spins the ZZ birds at five thousand revolutions per minute and more. A Helice Course, can include five or seven launchers arranged in a semicircle in front of the shooting post. The launchers go off in random order, so the shooter has no idea where the next bird will fly. To score, the shooter has to knock the witness cap from the propeller so that it lands within a fence twenty-one meters beyond the launchers. The disk will pick up every breath of wind and change direction, jink left, juke up and down, flutter, and dive. Come see why the experts are calling our course one of the best in the country!