Custom Gun Fittings

Whether shooting clay targets or upland birds, the shotgunner must achieve eye-barrel alignment naturally, without visually verifying alignment of the eye with the “sights.”  If mounted properly, a well-fitting shotgun will shoot where the shooter is looking as he engages a moving target; and because of the need to sharp visual focus on the target without regard to eye-barrel alignment, a well-fitting gun is essential to higher performance in shot gunning.  There are other factors involved like length of pull, cast, drop at the comb and pitch just to name a few.  We can give you custom measurements and have a gun manufactured to your specifications.

Gun Sales

Prairie Wildlife can help find the perfect gun for your sporting pleasure.  Among the brands we carry are:

• Caesar Guerini

Fine Italian Shotguns for the American shooter

• Fabram

Fine Italian Shotguns

• Syren

Shotguns built exclusively for women

• Chapuis Armes

Fine French Shotguns


We have many other brands available.