Prairie Wildlife is proud to announce that as of January and February 2012, it will begin hosting the famed Orvis Shooting Schools.

"...We are delighted to have partnered with an organization who has given so much to the outdoors and works daily to ensure our sporting traditions will be here tomorrow…" It gives us great pleasure to be working much to ensure our sporting traditions will be here tomorrow. Our similar visions and missions of conservation have made this partnership one that many will cherish and enjoy.

Amidst the wild prairie grasses of our Black Prairie, students attending The Orvis Shooting School at Prairie Wildlife will create memories that will stay with them long after their departure home.

Based on the English Churchill method, Orvis' instinctive approach to shotgun shooting and wingshooting will offer both novice and seasoned veterans a complete shooting system applicable to upland hunting, waterfowl hunting, or sporting clays.


The building blocks of the
Orvis Shooting School program
includes how to mount a shotgun so
you will shoot exactly where you're
looking, how to shoot all types of clays scenarios: going away, crossing, low incomers, singles, and doubles, shotgun handling, stance and footwork, swing, visual concentration, and correct fitting of the shotgun. These fundamentals of wing shooting are ingrained through practice, practice, and more practice, as hundreds of shells are fired by each student with an instructor analyzing every shot.

One of the keys to Orvis' teaching
philosophy is to group students
according to their levels of ability
and experience. By doing this,
Orvis can give all students a sensible
starting point and help them progress
through our dedicate instruction areas
with positive results.

Although actual shooting comprises the
bulk of the Orvis Shooting School,
students will also participate in essential
instruction on shotgun safety. In addition,
each student will receive a complimentary
shotgun fitting to establish and record
individual stock dimensions.


Orvis Shooting student

The dates for the two-day Orvis Shooting School at Prairie Wildlife
are as follows:

January 2014 Schools February 2014 Schools March 2014 Schools
9-10 Thur-Fri
11-12 Sat-Sun

8-9 Sat-Sun
10-11 Mon-Tues
13-142 Thur-Fri
15-16 Sat-Sun

8-9 Sat-Sun
10-11 Mon-Tues
13-142 Thur-Fri
15-16 Sat-Sun

Guests making reservations may arrive days before or stay past
the school dates and live any of Prairie Wildlife's sporting experiences
such as wild or early release bobwhite quail hunts. Imagine how
much better you will be harvesting quail after having attended the
Orvis Shooting School. Stay a few more days and witness first
hand your improved marksmanship!

In addition, before and after the schools, visitors may enjoy
Mourning dove hunts in January, "My First Game" our
two-day experience expressly designed to bring young sportsmen
and their mentors together, the conservation shooting Grounds
overlooking Horseshoe, and much, much more….


Price: $1,150.00 per person, 2-Day Shooting School
Total of 6 students per school. School hours 9 am to 4 pm.

The Orvis Shooting School at Prairie Wildlife includes:

  • Expert comprehensive instruction.
  • Lunch each school day.
  • All targets and ammunition.
  • Copy of "The Orvis Shooting Handbook."
  • Use of an Orvis shotgun if you wish.
  • Ear and eye protection.
  • Custom shotgun fitting.
  • New shotgun sales and access to professional gunsmithing services.

For reservations, please call Orvis Sporting Traditions at
866.531.6213, E-mail:, or visit




Orvis Instructors

Orvis Family

Woman shooting at Orvis Shooting School at Prairie Wildlife

Bryan Lodge at Prairie Wildlife

Prairie Wildlife Shooting School



Orvis Shooting School




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